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Image by Scott Rodgerson


Bronze Memorials are manufactured in a foundry, and the Major Manufactures of Bronze Memorials are reputable and for the most part, stand behind their work.  The Bronze must be attached to a Base, either Granite or Concrete Base.  The Cemetery where the Bronze Memorial is to be installed, will dictate which type of Base you can have.  Some allow either a Concrete or Granite Base, whereas other Cemeteries require that the Base be only granite.

There are two main sizes of Bronze.  For a single grave, generally a 24 x 12” Bronze, or, a Companion Marker (two names typically a Husband & Wife) will generally be a 44 x 14” Bronze. Of Course, there are other sizes, but the predominant sizes are the single size and the companion size.

When designing a tasteful Bronze Memorial, there is a large selection of emblems that can be cast on the Memorial.  These emblems span many categories from Religious Emblems, Florals, Occupational, Military, Sports, Hobbies, Animals, and many more. Please see your Consultant for more information on your specific Cemetery Guidelines, and Design options.

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