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Image by Scott Rodgerson


The importance of INSCRIPTIONS ON EXISTING MONUMENTS are sometimes overlooked.  A beautiful and tasteful Memorial of the prior deceased was often created by the newly interred deceased, when they lost their spouse, or sibling, or other family member.  Now, it’s time to memorialize that newest interred family member, with his or her final inscription.  It is a fitting tribute to the individual, and to the family.

Inscriptions are done at the grave site, without removal or disturbance of the existing monument.  There are many different font types and styles of cemetery lettering, therefore, you want to select a monument company who guarantees their work, and one that is staffed with highly trained, and highly dependable engravers.

Some Cemeteries require a “lettering permit” to be submitted and approved before the actual inscription work is completed.  One reason for this permit requirement is to eliminate those individuals who are not properly trained or do not guarantee their work.  Vendors that routinely make mistakes, and do not guarantee their work cause anguish for bereaved families, and sometimes additional expense for those families, to replace the monument.

All ‘Monument of Distinction’ Showroom locations utilize the same ‘Monument of Distinction’ company engravers.  All work is guaranteed, and our reputation for excellence is well known throughout the tri-state region, by Families and Cemeteries alike.

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