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A FLOWER VASE can be an excellent complement to your loved one's memorial. As an example, an antique copper or antique silver vase could be just the perfect addition. Or maybe a Jet-Black vase to match a Jet Black stone. There are many styles and color finishes of our vase line, which allows for a pretty close match to the color of the granite monument.

Attractively finished vase holders enhance the beauty of the memorials too. But, keep in mind, vases are not always allowed in cemeteries. Sometimes, it depends on the section of the cemetery where the grave site is located.  In some sections, some cemeteries restrict the number of vases allowed to only one vase, or even allow no vases at all, in certain sections of the cemetery.

Flower vases are also used to keep memorial flowers safely off the ground, so cemetery caretakers do not need to remove them when doing their routine maintenance. Also, when selecting a vase, there are two basic styles, inground vases and vases that are mounted on the granite base of a monument.  Whichever style you choose, please keep in mind quality and durability.

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