Image by Scott Rodgerson



What is Tulsa Selfie Studio?

We are an interactive experience in which we provide cool themed backdrops, ring lights, and holders for you to take pictures by yourself and with your friends using your phone or own camera.

Can I bring my own camera?

Yes! Whether you choose to use the camera on your phone or if you are a step ahead and have a professional grade camera, all are welcome! If you want to use your phone, we have ring lights with phone holders at each booth. Throw it on timer mode and get that perfect shot! You can also purchase a bluetooth selfie remote from TSS for flawless hands-free pictures. These remotes are perfect for someone coming in solo or for groups who want to get lots of pictures together.

Can I bring a change of clothes?

It’s encouraged! With multiple rooms, sometimes that calls for multiple outfits.

Do I need to buy tickets ahead of time?

Advanced ticket purchase is encouraged. Space is limited to 25 people per hour so that patrons can fully enjoy the experience. Walk-ins are welcome on the weekends, however it does not gurantee that space is available. To assure that you have an amazing selfie experience you will need to purchase your ticket ahead of time using this link.

How long can I be there?

We’re designed to be a 60 minute experience. We temporarily have time limits due to COVID-19 which limit us to 60 minute time slots to manage capacity.

Can I reserve the space?

We have reservation only hours Monday-Thursday. Hourly rentals can be booked online.

Do you take cash?

No, we are a cashless establishment. There are 3 reasons for this: 1.) it’s better for the environment 2.) faster to check people in 3.) safer for our employees by making us less of a target for theft. We accept online payments, Credit, Debit, Touchless Pay and Giftcards!

What is your cancellation policy?

All tickets are non-refundable, however you can re-schedule your session and use on a different date.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday-Thursday: Closed. Open for Private Hourly Rental Only. Email: for pricing. Friday-12pm-8pm Saturday 12pm-8pm Sunday 12pm-5pm

Where are you located?

We're in the Industrial District at 10716 E 55th Pl, Tulsa, OK 74145.