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Most people do not think about headstone prices until the need arises. After the loss of a loved one it's really hard to focus on getting the "best deal". Knowing a few basics can go a long way to giving you piece of mind. This short article won't give you exact prices, but it will give you the factors that determine the price of a headstone. See also our Headstone Sales article.

For information read this article: Headstone Prices for Local Dealer and Internet Companies.

The main things that may influence the price of your headstone are:

  • Type

  • Material

  • Design

  • Size

  • Shipping

  • Step One: What cemetery is it?
    Do you know your cemetery? Everything starts from your cemetery's regulations. These regulations will usually put restrictions on the size and type of your headstone. Find out your cemetery's exact name and location.
  • Step Two: Learn your cemetery's regulations.
    Your cemetery will have a set of regulations. Either call them to ask about the regulations or call a local headstone service company to ask them to help you with this. If you are in the South Jersey area you may want to contact us. We know the regulations of all the local cemeteries. We'll be glad to help.
  • Step Three: Get informed.
    You should really get acquainted with the subject of headstones a little. Most people have had little experience with this field. If you know your basics there will be less chance of someone taking advantage of you. Read the article How to buy a headstone? in order to understand the basic terminology and procedures. There are two related articles, Granite Memorial Headstones and Bronze Headstones that you may want to read as well. Both of these articles are short. Read the article Headstone Design. There are also four articles that you may be interested in that are related to headstone design, they are: Headstone Symbols, Headstone Engraving, Child Headstone Design, and Headstone Shapes. After reading the articles above you can look at Our Headstones in order to see the different types.
  • Step Four: Choose a company.
    Now that you have been exposed to the procedures and terminology of the cemetery headstone industry you can feel more confident when you choose a headstone services company. It's best to choose a company that can take care of all your headstone needs - staying within your cemetery's regulations, the design, the sandblasting or engraving, and the delivery and setting of the headstone at the cemetery. If you are new to the headstone services field you will find that following the above steps will help put your mind at ease about the whole headstone creation process. If you are near any of our locations in the greater Philadelphia area please feel free to call us.
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